Beer production

Cooling is a very important process at all stages of beer production:

The brewhousecooling of the beer wort in the flow after brewhouse process. The beer wort should rapidly cool down and the faster the better, so that wild yeast did not have time to colonize before you added the cultural ones.

Fermentation blockfor correct yeast fermentation process is necessary to maintain the predetermined temperature. At the end of this stage, each storage should be cooled on time.

Lager cellar secondary beer fermentation is obligatory conducted under the stable temperature. As far as the main part of beer is going through the secondary fermentation process, so malfunctions in cooling at this stage may cause great financial looses.

Bright beer tank improper storage of beer may cause changes in its excellent taste. You are agree that it is very frustrating to ruin the beer due to improper cooling before bottling.

Our team has developed special equipment packages, which provides cooling at every steps for various manufactures and beer volume productions, from private breweries to large beer factories.

The package includes all necessary cooling equipment for well-coordinated work in different modes, correctly chosen by our engineering experts.

The equipment package consists of:

  • documentation – principal schemes describing the working process;
  • liquid cooler (chiller);
  • storage tank for glycol solutions;
  • tanks for cold accumulation;
  • pumping equipment (several pumps module);
  • heat exchanger for beer wort cooling;
  • automatic equipment for maintenance of the set temperature.

This approach significantly simplified chose of cooling equipment. For order of the equipment package it is necessary to provide us with several parameters of your manufacture.