A comprehensive approach.
From design to finished rink.

We specialize in indoor and outdoor ice fields and skating rinks in shopping centers. We design, manufacture, supply all the necessary equipment and carry out installation work.

Extensive experience

In the creation of all types of arenas and skating rinks

Favorable price

Solving your problems with different budgets

Quality assurance

Quality proven by time and projects

Turnkey projects

Individual approach and consideration of all wishes

  • We specialize in the design, supply and installation of all types of equipment for the creation of artificial ice rinks, which are designed for hockey, figure skating, speed skating, as well as mobile ice rinks;
  • We select the best design solutions, taking into account the purpose of the object, the styles you like and the available budget.
  • We provide support and create turnkey projects with a full cycle, from calculations to ready-made ice arenas and skating rinks with ready-made infrastructure. That is, you get a ready-made working business.

We accept orders for the creation of ice rinks and ice arenas.

We have experience with a variety of venue types, including sports and commercial, indoor and outdoor, permanent and temporary, built using capital or rapid technologies.

Our engineers have extensive practical experience in this field and in creating turnkey projects. We apply advanced technologies and take into account global design trends to offer optimal technical solutions.

Questions that need to be answered to get a project estimate:

Rink size

What size field (rink/arena area) do you want to get? Depending on the size, the dimensions of the sides, equipment performance, etc. will be individually selected.

Type of construction

Are you planning an indoor or outdoor type (ice rink, ice arena)? The indoor type allows year-round use, while the outdoor type is designed for the winter period.

Project objectives

What will the project be used for? Entertainment or professional sports?

For indoor arenas and skating rinks, we offer ready-made solutions and the direct creation of stationary, air-supported and frame structures.

  • Stationary ones are the most expensive, but also the most recommended for maintaining ice quality.
  • Air-supported – are the most economical and fastest solutions that do not require a capital foundation.
  • Frame structures are up to 50% more expensive than air-supported ones and have a lightweight assembly and disassembly design that provides wide design possibilities.

When working with ice arenas, we provide a comprehensive turnkey solution:

Creation of a concrete or sand foundation (the foundation of the rink / ice rink).

Manufacturing and installation of ventilation units.

Production of a pipe system for cooling the ice field.

Supply of custom-made refrigeration equipment and ice machines.

Production of fencing boards for the ice field.

Calculation and creation of additional sections for the operation of the rink

(Skate rental, skate dryers, locker rooms, etc.)

Supply of high-quality rolling skates and equipment for their sharpening.

Filling and freezing ice.

We provide launching and operational consultations.

Project manager
on ice arenas

Request a consultation with a specialist with 17 years of experience and successfully implemented projects throughout Ukraine.

Will calculate the cost and profitability of the ice rink, taking into account your project requirements. Will select components for a given size of the ice field. Determine the amount of equipment needed and formulate an offer at the lowest prices. Advise on setting up your business for maximum efficiency.

We manufacture ice arenas with all customer requirements in mind

Our products meet international standards. You always receive quality services.

We are ready to organize the operation of the rink for maximum profit.

We erect ice arenas at the most favorable prices.

We perform work and deliveries within tight deadlines.

A wide range from chillers to skate dryers.

By contacting us, you will receive qualified assistance in creating and cooling ice arenas and skating rinks!

We are ready to answer your questions