Cooling of injection molding machines

In manufacturing of plastic products there are used injection molding machines, blow molding machines, pipelines, shredders and other machines. Chillers are needed for cooling of most part of these machines. Usually, two variants are used:

  1. One mobile liquid cooler (chiller) for one injection molding machine;
  2. Сooling system with one or more liquid coolers (chillers) for injection molding machines park or other equipment that needed cooling.

Our company offers ready-made solutions:

Mobile liquid coolers (chillers) NCE-PLAST series have been developed for injection molding machines cooling.

The main advantages of series are:

  • Integral high-pressure pump;
  • Bypass line – valve for modulating regulation of liquid consumption through the injection molding machine;
  • Integrated 100 L tank (with outside water level control);
  • Block stop chassis – for ease of chiller movement.

The cooling systems based on one or more liquid coolers NCC series. The cooling system unit includes the full range of equipment manufactured by our company:

  • Documentation – principal schemes with work description, schematics, arrangements of the equipment;
  • liquid coolers(chillers);
  • storage tank with 1000+ liters volume;
  • pumping equipment (several pumps module);
  • automatic equipment to maintain the predetermined water pressure in the system.