Innovative approach to beer cooling

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Confectionery production

Modern technologies in cooling

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Speed and stability in cooling

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Cooling system for injection molding machine

Safety and environmental friendliness

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We produce standard and non-standard equipment

Fluid coolers (Chillers) NC series (10 – 31 kW)

Compact and universal chillers for cooling process equipment.

Fluid coolers (Chillers) NC series (27 – 240 kW)

Powerful and universal chillers for cooling ice arenas, process equipment, building air condition.

Non-standard equipment

For cold storages we produce pumping stations, storage tanks and compressor units.

Продаж чиллера промислових виробництв. Проточні охолоджувачі рідини для пивного, кондитерського виробництва, льодових арен, термопласту. Доставка по Україні. Гарантія, сервіс, відмовостійкість, наявність на складі, проекти під ключ, допомога у підборі, ремонт

We offer you to familiarize yourself with one of the models of chillers manufactured by us:

You are guaranteed to get:

Assistance in choosing and commissioning

Our experts can help you to choose the best variant of equipment according to your needs

Best price

The cost of equipment is directly from the manufacturer.

Warranty and Service

High-quality equipment with improved characteristics that is engineered, manufactured and serviced by experts.




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These indicators were recorded by us in 2022, every year we are progressing and moving only forward.


Ukrainian manufacturer of industrial refrigeration equipment

We produce

flow-through liquid coolers (chillers), steel storage tanks, cooling and freezing chambers, pumping stations, electrical control panels, compressor units.

We design

systems for cooling liquids, cooling and freezing chambers.

We carry out installation and commissioning works

systems for cooling liquids, liquid coolers (chillers), cooling and freezing chambers, and pumping stations.

We provide diagnostic and maintenance services through our verified partners

liquid coolers (chillers), electronic control panels, pumping stations, compressor units.

You are guaranteed to receive

high-quality equipment and maintenance services. An individual approach to each client allows us to maximize the needs and increase productivity.

Our equipment has a mark of compliance with the required technical standards

Декларація про відповідність технічному регламенту. Чиллери від українського виробника промисловиї чіллерів NewCold

Chillers for biogas production

Our industrial chillers help to ensure optimal conditions in the biogas production process, reduce energy costs, increase productivity and improve the quality of the biogas produced.