Industrial chillers for biogas

NewCold chillers in biogas production

We help to ensure optimal conditions in the biogas production process, reduce energy costs, increase productivity and improve the quality of biogas produced.

At what stages are our industrial chillers used in biogas production?

Industrial chillers are used in biogas production not only to cool biogas, but also to control the temperature in other processes. For example, when organic materials are processed into biogas, elevated temperatures often occur, which can negatively affect the operation of the process.

The use of chillers helps to reduce the temperature in such processes and maintain optimal conditions for the operation of all equipment.

In addition, industrial chillers can be used to control the temperature of the water used in the biogas processing process.

Chillers are also used to cool the ventilation system and the air used in the biogas production process. Reducing the air temperature helps to reduce the amount of water vapor in biogas, which allows to increase its methane content and improve production efficiency.

Our experience in the production of chillers for biogas production will allow you not to worry about the quality of the equipment.

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