Repair of equipment

Купити чиллер Україна, ціна чиллера, ремонт чиллера NewCold, Ньютон Колд.
The NewCold company knows well that operation of chillers and other cooling equipment is an integral part of your manufacturing process.
Cooling equipment malfunction may cause financial problems and stopping the manufacture of any company.
Contact the NewCold company you can be sure that our experts choose constructive solution for preventing shutdown of cooling equipment, repair, replacement of major equipment or their parts.
Our extensive experience in the field allows to conduct quick and accurate diagnosis of chillers malfunctions. We perform the repairing process much faster thanks to availability of main components at our own storage.
The main types of repair works performed:
  • Diagnostics of cooling equipment (cooling , freezing chambers, shock freezing chamber, chiller, compressor-condensing unit (CCU));
  • Cooling equipment maintenance;
  • Cooling equipment repair;
  • Detection and elimination of freon leak (depressurization of circuit);
  • Pressure testing of freon circuit;
  • Vacuuming of freon circuit;
  • Getting rid of water, moisture in freon circuit, drying the system;
  • Filling, refueling the systems with freon;
  • Filling, refueling of hydraulic circuit with water, glycol;
  • Compressor replacement;
  • Oil change in the compressor;
  • Replacement of valve plate, valve plate gasket;
  • Replacement of filter drier, cleaning filter;
  • Replacement of cartridge of filter shell;
  • Replacement of oil filter;
  • Replacement of air cooler fans, condenser;
  • Repair of air cooler (evaporator), condenser;
  • Replacement of air cooler (evaporator), condenser;
  • Replacement of plate, shell and tube heat exchanger (evaporator, condenser);
  • Evaporators/condensers washing, cleaning, riddance from scale;
  • Replacement of pressure switch;
  • Replacement of flow switch;
  • Replacement, configuration of the controller, control unit;
  • Pump replacement;
  • Replacement, repair of cooling automatics;
  • Replacement, conversion of control panel;
  • Preservation, re-preservation for a season.


Conduct complex service, regular diagnosis, major and minor repair of chiller throughout Ukraine. We improve productivity indicators of equipment..
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